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Yes, we are open normal trading hours, however we do have a limit of two people in the store at any one time and a distance of 1.5 meters must be adhered to.

"A Home Brewers Paradise"

  • Turbo 500 Boilers And Condensers

  • Turbo 500 Copper Condenser

  • 4L Aircooled Stills

  • Grainfather Connect

  • Robobrew

  • Massive Range of Essences & Turbo Yeasts

  • Kegerators

  • AlcoEngine Copper Pot Condensers

  • Fermzilla

  • Home Brew Starter Kits

  • Great Range Of Beer Packs

  • 35 & 65 Litre Digi Boilers

  • Cheese Making Kits

  • Conical Fermenters

  • Huge Range Of 30 Bottle Wine Kits

  • 35L &65L Brew Zillas

  • Co2 Gas Cylinders

  • AlcoEngine Copper Reflus Condensers

  • Kombucha Kits

  • Tofu Kits


Grainfather G-30 + Sparge Water Heater + Overflow Filter Bundle

Grainfather Promotion.gif


Starter Kit.gif

Kit Includes:

  • 35 Litre Digi Boiler

  • Stainless Steel Chiller

  • Stainless Steel Paddle

  • Hoist/Pulley

  • Rubber gloves - Large

  • Large Grain Bag

The Digi Boiler has many uses. Thermostat goes from 1C to 100C, easily converted into a Pot or Reflux Still

Nitro duokit.gif
Kombucha kit
Limoncello Kit
Tofu Kt
cheapest turbo 500 still


Say goodbye to bottling forever

Turbo 500 should be available sometime in July

Northern Home Brewing, Shop 7/2 Elphin Road, Launceston 7250 TAS

Ph: 0363340081


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