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"A Home Brewers Paradise"

  • Turbo 500 Boilers And Condensers
  • Turbo 500 Copper Condenser
  • 4L Aircooled Stills
  • Grainfather Connect
  • Robobrew
  • Massive Range of Essences & Turbo Yeasts
  • Kegerators
  • AlcoEngine Copper Pot Condensers
  • Fermzilla
  • Home Brew Starter Kits
  • Pure Distilling Reflux Kits
  • Great Range Of Beer Packs
  • 35 & 65 Litre Digi Boilers
  • Cheese Making Kits
  • Conical Fermenters
  • 30 Bottle Wine Kits
  • 35L &65L Brew Zillas
  • Co2 Gas Cylinders
  • AlcoEngine Copper Reflus Condensers
  • Kombucha Kits
  • Tofu Kits
  • Billsons Cordial

Legal Aspects of Home Distillation


Distilling at home is a legal process in many countries. In other less forward thinking countries, it is still illegal to make alcohol by distillation if you’re not registered to do so with the relevant authority responsible for collecting Taxes and/or Excise.

In Australia, it is legal to own a still of up to 5 L capacity for the sole purpose of manufacturing essential oils and for distilling water. Any still of over 5 L capacity is required to be registered with the ATO, even if it is to be used for the sole purpose of distilling water or essential oils.


Making of distilled alcohol in Australia is still illegal if you aren’t approved by the ATO to do so and further details can be obtained from the Australian Taxation Office from

Selling of home distilled alcohol is an offence in most countries as well and penalties apply.

There are also overlapping Liquor Licensing Laws for each Country, State and Territory which may apply.


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Easy to Use. Full of Advanced Features.


Whether you’re a keen beginner or an expert distiller, the Air Still Pro is the ideal distillery setup for

producing small batches of high quality light or dark spirits. With its 2-in-1 reflux and pot still modes,

integrated foreshots collection vessel and enhanced safety features, crafting your favourite style of

spirit has never been easier.

Welcome to Brick Road

Follow Brick Road and you will soon be brewing better-tasting fresh beer made from the world’s best ingredients.


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