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Brick Road Beer Packs

Welcome To Brick Road

Follow Brick Road and you will soon be brewing better-tasting fresh beer made from the world’s best ingredients. Brick Road Brewing was created from a passion for making the very best fresh beer at home, simply and easily. Starting with the finest cool-climate plump barley, Muntons maltsters mashed the malt to create fresh wort. Then they used their unique process to gently remove the water whilst retaining the full malt flavour. With several recipes on the label, hop and yeast options, instructions under the lid and even more recipes on this site – you will soon enjoy building your own unique recipes brick by brick.

Brick Road Beer Packs 1.5kg

pacific pale ale.gif
old dark ale.gif
wheat beer.gif
hazy pale ale.gif
gold lager.gif
dry lager.gif
gold draught.gif
brown ale.gif
american porter.gif

Brick Road Beer Packs 1.8kg (Hops Included)

gold lager.gif
mosaic west coast ipa.gif
cascade apa.gif
mosaic hazy ipa.gif
mosaic pale ale.gif
colombus red ipa.gif
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