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Erlenmyer Conical Flask  (Borosilicate)

Ideal for large yeast starters using stir plates. Propagating yeast can take your beer to the next level, ensuring flavourful characters from the yeast. Instead of stressed out flavours that can occur when under pitching. 
If you are fermenting a lager we highly recommend doing large yeast starters to ensure the tastiness of your brew.

1 Litre


3 Litre


5 Litre


Large Grain Bag/Pot Liner - BIAB - Brew in a Bag (with 25mm Nylon Webbing)

BIAB - High Quality Polyester Bag 63micron mesh with 25mm Webbing.  The bags are 70cm x 85cm making them large enough to use in even pots that are 60 liters or more.


Hop Socks / Small Grain Bag


Customise your hop sock with this "Tie The Knot" Hop Sock, cut it in half, thirds, fourths. Then simply tie the end, bag up your hops/spices tie again and drop them into your boiler or fermenter


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