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Mad Millie Cheese Consumables

Annatto Natural Cheese Colorant 50 ml

A natural colorant derived from seeds of Achiote trees. Used to create a more yellow colour in cheddar but can also be used in some boutique blue cheeses to create a beautiful colour contrast.
Directions: Dosage depends on desired colour intensity. As a guide, use between 0.1 and 0.5 ml per litre of warmed milk before adding culture or rennet. This is a natural product and colour may vary from batch to batch.
Ingredients: Colour (Annatto Extracts).

Mad Mille Calcium Chloride 50 ML

Adding it to pasteurized and/or homogenised milk you buy from a shop helps restore calcium balance back to the milk, to create a firmer curd.
Use 0.5ml per litre of milk. Add to milk before adding culture and/or rennet.

Mad Millier Iodopher 50ML

Mad Millie iodine based sterilizing solution used on all your cheesemaking equipment and tools will help maintain excellent hygiene when making your cheeses.

Directions: Use 1 capful per litre of water. Soak equipment for at least 2 minutes.


Cheese Wax Block - 450g

High quality cheese wax made the age-old way- Yellow colour, 450g. Many hard cheeses are waxed prior to ageing. This process helps to retain the moisture within the cheese, and protect it from external mould while the cheese is aged.

White Wrap 10 Pack 240x240mm

Best for: Camembert, Brie and other white moulded cheeses.
This wrap is micro-perforated to allow the cheese to breathe over a 6-10 week period during which the external white mould can infuse the interior. The dull side of the paper is designed to absorb any excess moisture while the shiny side with holes protects the cheese from dying out whilst still allowing the cheese to breathe and develop in flavour and aroma.

Silver Wrap 10 Pack 240x240mm

Best for: Creamy Brie, Camembert or mild blue cheeses.
This micro-perforated cheese wrap ensures that the cheese is able to breathe under a controlled environment during the entire maturation process of up to 10 weeks. It works especially well for developing milder blue cheeses and is also good for making white mould ripened cheese such as Brie or Camembert.

Wax Coated Paper 10 Pack 240x240mm

Wax Coated Paper 10 Pack 480x480mm

The waxed coated paper is waxed both sides which helps to retain moisture in the cheese while still allowing the cheese to breath and further develop without drying out. The wrap is perfect for wrapping both soft and hard cheeses before selling, giving away as gifts, as well as prolonging their shelf-life in the refrigerator. This wrap is also excellent for maturing wash-rind cheeses.

Wax Coated Paper 10 Pack 480x480mm

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