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 Kegerator - Series X


 Series X Kegerator with Double SS taps + 2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder + 2 x 19 Litre S/S kegs


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19 Litre Kegs
19 Litre Kegs
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Kegerator Series X DoubleTap SS

The  Series X is the ideal solution for a simple short draw system for the home bar, small restaurant, cafes and bars.

All of our kits come with state of the art Full Stainless Taps.

Double tap systems you can dispense two 19L ball locks / pin lock kegs at the same time and fit a 2.6kg gas cylinder inside. Or one 19L keg and one 30L Kegasaurus with the cylinder on the outside.

Improved Features:

This new kegerator model is a big step up from the older Series 4 model.  This new Series X has several major advancements:


  1. It is 10% more power efficient


  1. 15% faster cooling and better cooling in hotter climates


  1. Thicker walls for improved insulation


  1. FITS 4 CORNY KEGS (purchased separately)

This Series X Double Nukatap SS package includes:

2 x Stainless Steel taps and Stainless Steel Short Shanks
EVA Barrier 4mm ID x 8mm OD Beer & Gas Hose, cut to appropriate lengths for tap kit.
1 x duotight push in tee's for gas splitting
Stainless Steel 304 grade font and four mounting bolts.

MK4 regulator (type 30 for CO2)
Font Fan with toggle on/off
CO2 Cylinder Bracket Holder
Hose Clamps
5 in 1 tap and cylinder tool.
Guard Rail
Drip Tray
Reinforced four point anchored castor wheels
Stainless steel Door
Black reinforced plastic top

4 x Premium MFL Disconnects

4 x  Duotight Connectors

2.6kg Co2 Gas Cylinder

2 x 19Litre Stainless Steel Kegs with 5 year Warranty





IMPORTANT NOTE: Always check for leaks before leaving your gas turned on.  To perform an easy pressure check turn on the gas. Set the pressure on the regulator, turn off then come back the next day and ensure the system is still set at the same gas pressure.  Also once assembly check all hose joins, regulator, and kegs with soapy water for leaks.  If you have not connected all your joins completely gas tight you will loose a bottle of gas and this will not be covered under warranty.

Series x Kegerator Instruction Manual

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