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With the 2 Tap Kegerator you can chill and serve up to 2different kegged beers, straight to your glass

2 Tap Kegerator + 2 Kegs + 2.6kg C02 Gas Cylinder (Full)

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Save $170.00

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2 Tap Kegerator + 2 Kegs + C02 Gas Cylinder (Full)

No more cleaning bottles ever again!
Grab a 2 Tap Kegerator and set up your own bar. You can pour two of your favourite beers at the same time!





  • Can fit 3 x 19 L cornelius kegs or one 50 L commercial keg

  • Thermostat 0°C up to 28°C

  • Temperature is controlled using a front mounted digital thermostat so it is easy to set the optimum temperature for the type of beers being dispensed.


Whats Included

  • Keg Fridge

  • C02 Regulator

  • Gas and Liquid Disconnects

  • Gas and Beer Lines

  • 2 Tap Beer Tower

  • 2 Stainless Steel Taps

  • Cradle to hold a C02 bottle on the back of the keg fridge

  • Fridge Railing

  • Drip Tray

  • 2 x 19 L cornelius kegs

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