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Erlenmyer Conical Flask  (Borosilicate)

Ideal for large yeast starters using stir plates. Propagating yeast can take your beer to the next level, ensuring flavourful characters from the yeast. Instead of stressed out flavours that can occur when under pitching. 
If you are fermenting a lager we highly recommend doing large yeast starters to ensure the tastiness of your brew.

1 Litre


3 Litre


5 Litre


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5 litre.gif
Reagent Bottle 500ML.gif

500ml Reagent Bottles (Borosilicate)

These Reagent Bottles are made from the same laboratory borosilicate as our Erlenmeyer Flasks. No silicone o-ring required.

These 500ml Regent Bottles are ideal for the boiling and storage of wort for your starter, or transporting yeast from yeast starters.

Simply place in microwave to sterilise wort then cap and put in fridge until you need to make your starter.

The whole bottle can be autoclaved.

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