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Grainfather Grainkids

Black Jack Dry Stout All Grain Kit



As simple as a stout may seem to design and brew, getting the balance of roasted and toffee characters right with the exact amount of bitterness is a fine art. This stout is the product of years of tweaking to brew a stout that we think is just about perfect.

Flavour: Milk and dark chocolate combined with hints of smoke, finishing with dark roasted coffee and intense toffee and plums.

Aroma: A combination of coffee, chocolate, molasses and prunes with a hint of smoke.

Yeast: M07 British Ale

Hops: Pacific Jade

Brew Stats: OG: 1.042 FG: 1.016 IBU: 30 EBC: 65 ABV: 3.5%

Grain Weight: 4.24kg

Volume: 23 L

Designed to be used with the Grainfather.


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