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Essencia Essences

Essencia Spirit Essences



The entire essencia range of flavours has been specifically developed to more closely  resemble the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages. Our essences are all supplied in bottles, packed in individual cardboard boxes for good visual display. None of our flavours are ‘food’ flavours. All designed for flavouring spirit



Essencia Spirit flavourings


Bourbon. – A sweeter Kentucky style Bourbon with warm Vanilla and Oak notes, which will

appeal to all drinkers of the great American spirit. (Jim Beam style)


Canard Vodka (Grey Goose) – a fantastic vodka, smooth and slightly sweet with very subtle notes of almond and citrus.


Tennessee Bourbon. – A premium quality bourbon in the style of a classic Tennessee sour

mash whiskey, - charred oak, vanilla and a hint of maple.


Caribbean Rum. – A smooth, sweet dark rum with subtle spice notes.


VSOP Brandy. – A rich, smooth, full cognac style brandy flavour with a wonderful grape

aroma. Imitates Remy Martin.


Fermanagh Whiskey. – A uniquely smooth and fully rounded flavour. This Whiskey will

appeal to the most discerning of palates. Imitates Connemara


Gin. – Making 5 litres, this is the best value high quality Gin available. For those who like a

stronger Gin, simply make up to 4.5 litres.


Blue Sapphire. – A lovely dry gin for the connoisseur. Imitates Bombay Sapphire


Rye Whisky. – For those who enjoy the finest Canadian Rye Whisky. This has also proven to

be a favourite with Bourbon drinkers. Imitates Crown Royal.


Scotch Whisky. – The taste of the finest Scottish Whisky’s are blended to produce this

outstanding flavour. Simply superb. Imitates Grants.


Walkers Whisky. – The authentic taste in Scotch Whisky with subtle oak and peat notes.

Imitates Johnnie Walker Red Label


White Rum. – Simply the best. This Caribbean favourite is sure to be the first choice of

those who want the true white Rum flavour. Imitates Bacardi White


Navy Rum. – A dark, sweet rum modelled on the original high seas 'tot'. As the name

suggests, this flavour is a good match for one of the more popular commercial Navy Rums -

Lambs Navy Rum.


Ouzeka Ouzo – capturing the spirit of Greece. Clear and silky, with a distinct liquorice flavour.


Tequila (Gold). – A golden Tequila with subtle agave notes and a hint of oak.


Jamaican Rum – A dark, sweet rum Captain Morgan himself would have been proud of


Tequila Classico – A true white Tequila with the same subtle agave notes as Gold Tequila,

but no oak.


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