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BrewZilla 35L Generation 3.1.1
Extended Warranty - 3 YEARS

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BrewZilla 35L - Gen.3.1.1

The BrewZilla is designed to be a compact single vessel all grain home brewing system that can be run off a single AU 240v socket. A complete- turnkey system with a delay timing feature and step mash functionality. Built to make batches up to 30L, it is the ideal solution for those who want to take the first step in all-grain brewing and don't want to break the bank in doing so! FAST – Fast to setup, brew and clean up EASY – Very simple design and easy intuitive design VALUE – Great value for money


BrewZilla Gen 3.1.1 Extended Warranty - 3 YEARS

ALL BREWZILLA Gen 3.1+ units sold in Australia have extended 3 year warranty!  Yes that's right.  This is the longest warranty out of any single vessel brewery.


System Includes:

- Immersion Chiller
- Digital Backlit Temperature Control/Display.
- Delay Start Timer
- Step Mash Functionality
- Malt Pipe & Malt Pipe attachments
- NEW Ultra Low Watt Density Dual Element Controls (1900w and 500w)
- Stainless ½" BSP Ball Valve with 13mm barb fitting.
- Magnetic drive pump mounted in the base of the unit
- NEW Third Handle for easier pouring

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BrewZilla 35L - Replacement Immersion / Ice Bucket Chiller (Stainless Steel)


Sold with the BrewZilla (former RoboBrew) Range, these compact immersion chillers are great for chilling wort up to 35L down to pitching temperature. Ideal solution for those using small pots.

Method 1
This chiller can be used simply by connecting your garden hose to both ends of the chiller.  You can either slip the garden hose onto the ends of the chiller directly then secure with stepless hose clamp.  Alternatively for a better connection use the compression fittings.

Then lower the chiller into your hot wort and cycle the water through the chiller until you reach the desired temperature. 

While the water is flowing through the chiller if you agitate your hot wort this will significantly aid the heat transfer from the wort to the chiller coil and will reduce the cooling time by more than half.


Method 2
The second method is where you pump your hot wort through the middle of the chiller.  Use silicone tube to connect from your boiler to a pump and then through this coil chiller then back to the boiler.  Turn on the pump and ensure the chiller has got up to your wort boiling temperature to heat sterilise the coil.

Then immerse the coil into a bucket of ice and water mixed together.  Run the pump continuously until the wort cools down to the desired point.


Coiled part of the chiller: 24cm high x 19cm diameter
Total height of the chiller: 41cm
Tubing: 12.7mm, 304 Stainless

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