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Cleaning Products

Phosphoric Acid


StellaSan Sanitizer

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Lactic Acid

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Grainfather High Performance Cleaner (1L)



This High Performance Cleaner is specially formulated to be used with the Grainfather.

It removes hard to clean proteins from your Grainfather without the need for tedious scrubbing. Perfect for cleaning hard to reach places such as the Counter Flow Wort Chiller, pipes and pumps.

This is suitable for soft (copper) and hard (stainless steel) metals which not many other cleaners do. It is important you use this to clean your Grainfather as other cleaners may, over time, damage your system.


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Morgans Sanitizer

Morgans Low-Suds

Morgans Sodium Metabisulphite

Morgans Pink

Cleaner & Sterilizer

Mangrove Jack's


Mangrove Jack's

Cold Water Detergent

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Super Kill Ethyl Sanitiser Spray 1000mL (Ethanol, Alcohol)

70% Ethanol Spray is widely regarded as a staple sanitiser product among the brewing sector both commercial and homebrew levels.

Due to it's amazing ability to pass right through the cell wall of most microorganisms and killing them instantaneously. While not damaging soft metals like copper which some acidic cleaners can if not used correctly.

This spray leaves no residual smell, taste or residue and evaporates very quickly. This product is primarily made up of 70% pure food grade ethanol and 30% proprietary ingredients.


100ml Iodophor - Iodine Sanitising, Non Rinse Sanitiser

Iodophor is a very effective sanitizer and, unlike bleach, can safely be used as a no-rinse sanitizer without adversely affecting the flavor of your beer. 

Iodophor is a preparation containing iodine with a solubilizing (water soluble) agent.

Suitable for sanitising brewing and winemaking equipment, glassware, bar (keg) equipment, restaurant equipment etc

Rate is 1 teaspoon per 6 liters of water. Can be used in a spray bottle so you can use it as a surface sanitiser also.

NOTE: Iodophor is toxic to yeast so should be rinsed off any equipment where yeast fermentation is present.

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StellarClean PBW (Powerful

Brewing Wash) - Brewery Cleaner, Beer Line Cleaner, Keg Wash (1kg 35oz)

- Replaces Caustic Soda cleaners
- Effective at All Temperatures
- Free Rinsing 
- Safe on Polycarbonate surfaces
- Safe to handle
- Non-hazardous & Non-corrosive
- Excellent hard water tolerance
- Removes protein soil and staining, baked on carbon, and fatty acids

StellarOxy - 100% Sodium Percarbonate (1kg 35oz)

StellarOxy is an oxygen based cleaner made from 100% food grade sodium percarbonate raw material.

StellarOxy is a fantastic cleaner for removing yeast, tannins and protein build up.

Homebright - Streak Free Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish * Spray (269g)


Remove pesky fingerprints and smudges from your Stainless Steel Showpieces leaving them looking shiny and new with this streak free stainless steel cleaner & polish.

Bring your kegerator door, stainless benchy, keg or any other piece of stainless steel equipment back to life with this cleaner and polish which cleans, shines and helps protect stainless steel.

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