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Bronco Tap Starter Kit


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Bronco/Picnic Tap Starter Kit - Great Beginners Keg System

This kit is designed to be just about the cheapest possible way to get into kegging!

All you need is this kit, a CO2 Cylinder and a fridge that is just big enough to hold a keg. It includes a duotight compatible Picnic Tap for dispensing so no need to drill any holes in your fridge - just hook it up and go! Harnessing the power of duotight fittings for super easy connection and featuring our low profile duotight disconnects to help you get your keg into the smallest fridge.

At this price, there's simply no excuse to not ditch the bottles and GET KEGGING!

Bronco Tap Starter Kit

This kegging starter kit is designed to provide you with the basic items required to get you started with dispensing your beer using 19L kegs.  This particular kit includes a duotight compatible bronco/picnic tap so you don't need to drill holes in your fridge.

Included in this starter kit:

1 x 19L KegLand corny Keg
1 x MK4 Type 30 CO2 Regulator
1 x duotight Bronco/Picnic Tap
1 x 6.35mm to 8mm duotight reducer (to connect your Picnic Tap to the EVABarrier)
1 x 12m Roll of 4mm x 8mm EVABarrier (will double as beer and gas line)
1 x duotight 8mm Ball Lock Disconnect (Grey+Red/Gas)
1 x duotight 8mm Ball Lock Disconnect (Black+Yellow/Liquid)

Simply cut your beer and gas line to the rquired length (we recommend around 1.5mm for the beer line) and way you go!

To add additional kegs to this setup simply purchase an additional 19L keg, a duotight 8mm double tee piece (to split the gas line) and an additional Picnic Tap and reducer for each keg.


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