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Billsons Original Cordial



Billson’s Cordials -since the 1860’s Billson’s have been brewers of flavorful and refreshing beverages. The cordial range is no exception handcrafted in Beechworth (Vic) using local spring water and following original handwritten recipes! These cordials can be enjoyed with sparking water or as the star ingredient to a cocktail, the choice is yours.

If you want to make some innovative and refreshing RTD’s we recommend the following mixing ratios as a starting point to unleash your inner mixologist

Tropical Punch.gif
Sour Blueberry.gif
Passion Fruit.gif
Rainbow Sherbet.gif
Pink Lemonade.gif
Fruit Tangle.gif
Grape Bubble Gum.gif
Fairy Floss.gif
Creamy Soda.gif
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