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4L Oxebar Keg Ball Lock Tapping Draught Pack (PCO38 )



4L Oxebar Keg Ball Lock Tapping Draught Pack (PCO38 )

Keep your oxygen-sensitive beverages fresher for longer with the Oxebar multilayer kegs. Other competitors' PET containers will only last up to 3-4 months, our kegs will last up to 12 months of storage.

The new lightweight and reusable plastic kegs are brought to you by Oxebar and KegLand. Store your homebrew in a more convenient size, take it away camping or to a bbq. The new shorter profile 4L under 330mm will fit in most esky coolers. You can also dispense with it lying on its side.

Do not Exceed 4 Bar / 58psi or 45°C

This great value re-usable plastic keg is the best way to store your home brew in a smaller sized container than traditional 19L corny kegs. The small 4L size is convenient, light weight and perfect for sharing beverages with friends.

This 4L keg is light weight, compact and has high oxygen barrier properties with 3x better (less) gas transmission than traditional PET grades of plastic making it suitable for beer storage or other oxygen sensitive carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

This particular kit comes with the standard black cap AND the Hydra Tapping kit with ball lock post and pressure relief valve ports.

There are three general terms when referring to a PET types:
Straight PET
Blended PET
Multi-Layer PET

What is Straight PET?
This is straight PET without any additives to combat oxygen transmission. Often you'll see these in short term fermentation vessels, or even Coca Cola / soft drink bottles. These are generally high turn over items that wouldn't change in flavour due to oxygen transmission levels over the course of 1 to 2 months.

What is Oxebar Blended PET?
Oxebar Mono is a PET polymer blend that utilises several polymers blended together to significantly improve gas barrier properties. When compared with standard PET plastic Oxebar Straight PET it is able to reduce oxygen ingress and CO2 loss so your precious beverage is preserved and shelf life extended by x3. We recommend this product for beer stored in keg up to 3 to 4 months.

What is Oxebar Multi-Layer PET?
Is a triple layer of PET and oxygen barrier components to extremely slowly down the transmission of oxygen through the surface. These are highly recommended for long term storage of oxygen sensitive beverages up to 10 to 12 months.


Height: 325mm

Do not Exceed 4 Bar / 58psi or 45°C

Periodic Hydrotesting Requirement
All pressure vessels should be hydrotested periodically.  This is a very simple process and it's nothing to be feared.  We recommend that this container be pressure tested every 2 years up to 6 bar.  The instructions for this are:
1. Remove RED prv and fit GREY prv (you can borrow one of these from a 19L keg.
2. Fill keg to the absolute brim with water.  DO NOT forget this step.
3. Use bike pump, CO2 regulator, air compressor or any other pressure source to pressurize the keg to 6 bar. 
4. Hold the keg at 6 bar for 1 minute
5. Release the pressure and immediately remove GREY prv and swap back to RED prv.
Note: This test should be done with the keg and water in the keg at room temperature 15-30C

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