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20L Oxebar PET Keg & Pressure Fermenter Tank



Oxebar 20L Amber PET Keg & Pressure Fermenter Tank

Fit up to 3 of these badboys in your Series X.1, X or 4.1 (aka XL). 
Or fit up to 6 of these in a Series X.1 Plus!

Not only will it protect your beer from damaging light (amber tinting) it will also keep your beverages fresher for up to 3 times as long due to the Mono Barrier PET Polymer Matrix.

It also comes with a floating dip tube with cage filter. Is easy to undo and stack on top of each-other upside down with disconnects attached. 

The 20L Oxebar Amber PET Kegs come with a Green Pressure Relief valve rated to 65psi.


1 x 20L Amber Mono Barrier PET Oxebar Keg
1 x Dual PCO1881 Lid assembly with Oxebar Black Handle
1 x KL09164 Green Pressure Relief Valve for Keg Lids / MK4 Reg - 65psi
1 x KL17060 100cm Silicone Hosing with Stainless Steel float and Hop Filter Cage
1 x KL10788 Red Multi Gas Post Plastic Carbonation Cap
1 x KL10788-Yellow Multi Liquid Post Plastic Carbonation Cap

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