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Brew Master Kegerator

 Series X Kegerator with Double Intertap SS taps + 2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder + 2 x 19 Litre S/S kegs


19 Litre Kegs
19 Litre Kegs

Still Spirits Turbo 500 Complete Distillery


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Grainfather Connect



Home Brewery Starter Kits

Morgans Premium Starter Kit


Morgan's Premium Starter Kit


The Morgan’s Premium Starter kit contains EVERYTHING you need to make your OWN Premium beer at HOME

The Morgan’s Premium Starter Kit contains :

1 x 30 Litre Fermenter
1 x Hydrometer
1 x Stirring Spoon
1 x Bottling Valve
1 x 1.7 kg Ingredient Can (Yeast under cap)
1 x Body Blend
1 x Stick On Thermometer
30 x Re-usable 750ml PET Bottles and Caps
1 x Tap and Air Lock
1 x Morgan’s Sanitizer
1 x Sediment Reducer
1 x Carbonation Drops

Mangrove Jack's Starter Brewery Kit


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The Mangrove Jack’s Starter Brewery is a complete set of premium quality brewer's equipment. Everything you'll need to start making beer today, including the ingredients for your first brew.

The Starter Brewery kit contains:

1. 30 litre barrel & lid
2.  Tap &  Sediment Reducer
3.  Bubbler airlock and grommet
4.  Hydrometer
5.  Brewer's spoon 39cm
6.  Cleaner / Detergent
7.  No rinse steriliser
8.  Mangrove Jack’s Traditional Blonde Lager

9.  1 kg Dextrose
10. Beer finings 5gm sachet
11. Carbonation drops (60)

12. Bottler Brush

13. Bottling Valve

14. Test Tube

15. Stick on Thermometer




Still Spirits Air Still Mini Distillery Kit


air still $329

Mad Millie Artisian Cheese Kit With

FREE Kombucha Kit Valued At $44.95




Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Kit


Mad Millie Italian Cheese Kit



Mangrove Jack's Starter Cider Kit


Mangrove Jack's Cider

From $39.90

Muntons Country Wine Kit With Equipment


Muntons Country Wine Kit With Equipment

Muntons have created a range of kits to embrace the flavours commonly enjoyed in traditional country wines. Wines with freshness, zest and complexity rarely found from simple to brew wine kits and in a convenient size. Six bottles, that allow the avid winemaker the opportunity to stock their cellar with a rich variety of country wines.

The Muntons Country Wine range is offered in the following flavours; Apricot, Black Cherry, Elderberry, Bilberry, Eldeflower and Strawberry


Kit Includes:

  • Choice of wine kit

  • 5 Litre Demijohn

  • Stick on thermometer

  • Bung

  • Airlock

Vintner's Harvest Home Winery Kit


Vintner's Harvest Wine Kits

Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
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Pinot Grigo
Pinot Grigo
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Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir
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Port Barrels

5 Litre


10 Litre Wine Barrel.gif

10 Litre


10 Litre Wine Barrel.gif

8L Mini Keg Pluto Gun Systems


8L Mini Keg Stainless Steel Pluto Gun System

8L Mini Keg Stainless Steel Intertap System

Mini Keg NEW Flow Control Disconnect wit

Digital Kitchen Scales


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